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Player Conduct & Finals
Date of Event : Sat Feb 16, 2019 10:20AM


In the lead up to the finals on behalf of the board and the umpires we would like to thank the majority of this seasons captains and players with the way they have conducted themselves so far.
I would like to just reinforce to all participants that the umpires will not tolerate behaviour which breaches the spirit of the game and the laws of cricket. Unfortunately our umpires have observe and reported a couple of instances this season where this has occurred and lead to those reported players being unavailable for their respective team due to suspension.

Captains are also reminded it is their responsibility both on and off the field prior to the commencement, during the match and 30 mins after the close of play that they take all reasonable steps to control and eliminate such behaviour to avoid themselves also being reported at the umpires discretion.

I wish all teams the best in the last month of cricket prior to the finals - play hard, play competitively, but most of all strive to always play within the spirit of the game.


Brad Pearce

WASTCA Chairman

Last updated: Saturday February 16, 2019 1:35PM