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One Day Finals Results
Date of Event : Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:32AM

Well done to all teams for making the one day finals yesterday under very humid and gloomy skies.

Congratulations to the eventual winners in some extremely exciting matches including the 1st Grade final between Wembley Districts and Swan Athletic Caversham going down to the very last ball and also the 3rd Grade final between Western Suburbs and Doubleview Carine also coming down to the final over before a result could be determined.

The day finished with two of the most successful clubs on the day being Wembley Districts taking out both the 1st and 7th Grade final and Tuart Hill winning the 5th and 8th grade finals

Premierships taken out by:

Wembley Districts - 1st Grade

High Wycombe - 2nd Grade

Western Suburbs -3rd Grade

Bedford Morley - 4th Grade

Tuart Hill - 5th Grade

Curtin Victoria Park- 6th Grade

Tuart Hill - 8th Grade

Fremantle Mosman Park- 9th Grade

Murdoch University Melville- 10th Grade

Reports to follow later in the week.

Last updated: Monday February 26, 2018 10:39AM
Author: Steven Glover