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Chairman's Report - January 2018
Date of Event : Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:59PM

With the season more than half completed all grades are looking posed for an interesting conclusion in the final 5 rounds with the majority of our 22 clubs shaping to be represented come finals time.

My sincere thanks to the board of directors for the hard work undertaken to date and their support of myself and the commitment to the clubs and the competition for without this  it does make running the competition more complex than is necessary.

The commitment given to the clubs by myself at the AGM in August 2017 was to provide a framework for the  association going forward and a clear set of strategies to be developed to  shape and structure the competiton for the next 3-5 years. Our first planning session with the directors and consultant was undertaken in December 2017 with the information circulated to board members for further input during January. 

This was finalised at the recent board meeting with a final workshop meeting this week and circulation of a questionnaire to clubs sheduled to be around mid february. The results and comments back from the clubs will assist in finalising the Strategic Plan for the structure  and future of the competition prior to the conclusion of this season.

Many thanks must go  to Narelle Davis and the sub-committee for the enormous task of reviewing and updating our by-laws which are now split into two easy to referenced documents- By-laws and Conditions of Play.
A couple of changes out of the new by-laws I do see as positives are:
Home venue grand finals for the higher club- ensuring their ground/wicket rating comply
30 min tea break- This does assist the umpires and captains in getting an adequate break as they are normally the last off the field and the first to return onto the ground to recommence after the interval
Greater Clarity on the heat policy.
Hours of play aligned for greater consistency
Lost time on the first day of play now taken from both innings
One day matches now 35 overs

All changes to the by-laws and conditions of play are up for review at the completion of the season to ensure they are reflective of the competiton requirements.

Lloyd Tifflin and Wayne Barron have worked hard this year to ensure our umpiring numbers are up and include as many  umpires throughout the grades as physically possible with a commitment to always have two umpires provided in the top 3 grades where possible. 
The training for our umpires is ongoing throughout the season with a focus next season of having greater training workshops to assist them in the consistency of rule interpretation and decision making- Without  our umpires our game becomes less enjoyable from a team and competitive perspective.
I would encourage clubs who have players reaching retirement from the playing arena to take-up umpiring as a high percentage of sucesses in umpire retention are ex players who do have an immediate feel for the game.

At the presidents meeting on the 18th December the issue of racial vilification was raised by a number of presidents as an issue which appears to be creeping anecdotially into the conduct within some matches. We are very much a multicultural society in WA –more so than 10 years ago and what may have been considered as tongue in cheek  comment back then is certainly not acceptable now. 
Umpires are given strict instructions to knock any of this type of conduct on the head immediately and have the absolute support of the board in doing so.

Frank Scardifield and his sub-committee have been extremely proactive this season with the clubs and in particular the curators to assist them when and where required to ensure turf wickets and grounds are being presented to the highest possible standard and as consistently from one week to the next.
The 4 sub-committee members of the grounds committee are each allocated 5-6 clubs for which they are responsible for  and  make regular inspections both throughout the week and early Saturday morning to ensure curators are providing the best possible  turf wickets and grounds for play.  If clubs are having difficulty with their respective council on the condition and management of their wicket/ground please feel free to consult Frank to assist.

At present the forecast for this season is a draw down on the previous financial postion of around $15,000.00. This can be  broadly atributed through an increase in contributions back to clubs for turf wickets including construction,  replacement covers, umpires and ground fees reimbursement. The board will continue to support clubs who are proactively seeking grants and alike to replace and upgrade existing infrastructure to improve the quality of the training and the playing facilities for their players.

We as a board continue to  be diligent in the raitionalisation of our expenditure only where absolutely necessary and return what we can back to the clubs. We continue to struggle to secure significant sponsorship however are  greatly appreciative of  the ongoing support from our current sponsors listed up on our website.

The current financial report for the period ending December 2017 can also be viewed on the website.

I sincerely thank  all players who made themselves available to represent our association in the cricketwest cup this year for the colts, seniors and veterans competition. A special mention must go to the captains of each squad- A very difficult job considering players come from a wide range of clubs and are all their to contribute to the success of the team.
Thanks to the following captains for the season;
Jesse Doney- Balcatta CC
Alex Smith- Bedford Morley CC
Suresh Perera- Wembley District CC
Brody Koelewyn- Murdoch Uni Melville CC
Tim Overton- Kalamunda CC

Our senior team was successful for the third year in a row at winning the cricketwest cup and now progress to the semi finals of the statewide cup on 18th February- Ground TBA- A win would secure a finals match at the WACA that evening. I would encourage ever cricket enthusiast to get along to support our guys.

All finals fixtures are now scheduled for the exciting conclusion to the season to  all grades 1-10 inclufing one day finalsalong with T20 matches  with clubs who are in line for home semi finals and possible grand finals to ensure their grounds and in particular wickets are rating in accordance with home final policy. Should you require clarification please contact Frank Scardifield.

The presentation night this year will be on  Monday 19th March 2018 prior to the Grand finals at the Subiaco Football  Club Rooms at this poinmt in time for a 7.00pm start. This year will see a slight change in the format with an informal approach to catering to ensure player have the ability to mix amoungst one another for the evening and would also allow the evenings presentations to proceed more efficently. 
Players who will be attending to represet their respective clubs and to receive  individual awards would be encouraged to dress smart/casual and wear their respective club  polo shirt on the evening.

In concluding I look forward to the final rounds of the season and will endeavour to get around each Saturday to as many grounds as possible to speak with the players and enjoy the competition ensuring we always remember to play within the spirit of the game.

Brad Pearce

Last updated: Tuesday January 23, 2018 4:03PM
Author: Steven Glover