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2017/18 - Chairman's Welcome
Date of Event : Mon Oct 9, 2017 8:43PM

What seemed just a month ago that we were rolling up the covers, packing away the training kits, and placing victory pennants into clubs rooms  we are back into the game we love- cricket.

 I thank the clubs and players for their patience and understanding with the teething problems which have occurred over the past fortnight with our finalisation of the fixtures and IT issues with the website. Our focus going forward is to ensure team nominations and grounds are locked away by the end of August next year in order to get the fixtures complete two weeks prior to the commencement of the season.

Welcome to the newly nominated board of directors which cover a greater majority of the clubs within the association and bring a broader demographic, knowledge and skills- an elixir necessary to ensure true representation of the clubs interest are first and foremost for the competition. A welcome also to David Clear to  the association as out newly appoint competition coordinator- who brings to the association both his vast experience in senior cricket management and administration and certainly increases the opportunity for a great exposure of our competition through his various media outlets.

Lloyd Tifflin has once again taken on the role as our umpires advisor and been proactive in the off-season with recruitment and our numbers of umpires for the commencement of the season is up for the first time in many years with the focus on getting two umpires in the top  grades 1 to 3

The boards focus this season is to stabilise the competition before undertaking a thorough consultative process with clubs to shape the structure of the competition for the next 3-5 years to assist clubs with their planning for the future. We remain focussed on supporting clubs through the turf grants scheme, Infrastructure development fund, ground reimbursement and wicket covers/ hessian replacement fund. A total review has been completed through the old by-laws and has been updated to align with feedback from clubs and changes to the laws of cricket and the competition which will still need  further review at the end of this season.

With the first round completed there appears to be quite a bit of movement in terms of players through various clubs and the next two rounds will know doubt start to shape the season within each grade- although one day match can throw up the odd surprise.

I wish all the clubs, teams and players for this season all the best on a successful and competitive and enjoyable both on and off the ground

Brad Pearce

WASTCA Chairman

Last updated: Wednesday October 11, 2017 8:20AM