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WACA Meeting Tonight
Date of Event : Thu Apr 27, 2017 10:58AM

As the Chairman of WASTCA and CricketWest I urge all members who are or know WACA members to take note of some important proposed changes.

The WACA has called a Special General Meeting for the 27 April to vote on changes to their constitution. One key part of this change is to reduce the Board representation of the cricket playing community from four (40%) elected representatives to none. 

All five CricketWest Associations, including West Australian Suburban Turf Cricket Association, are strongly and unanimously opposed to this removal, and request that all WACA Members vote ‘NO’ to these proposed changes.

Michael Viney
Chairman, WASTCA
Chairman, CricketWest

Last updated: Thursday April 27, 2017 1:01PM
Author: Michael Viney