Spirit of the Game Award | West Australian Suburban Turf Cricket Assoc.

Spirit of the Game Award

The West Australian Suburban Turf Cricket Umpires Association (Inc.) sponsors an award to be presented to the Club that  is voted by umpires to demonstrate the highest standards in meeting the 'Spirit of the Game' as outlined in the preamble to the Laws of Cricket.

The objective of this award is to promote excellence in the attitude of players, relationships between all participants in the game and to provide Clubs with an opportunity to improve in this area.

The award was inaugurated in 2005 and was named in honour of John Ireland and Paul Pearce, two of the finest umpires to have umpired in the competition.

EJ Ireland & PJ Pearce 'Spirit of the Game' Trophy

2005-06          South Perth Cricket Club

2006-07          Curtin Victoria Park Cricket CLub

2007-08          Ocean Ridge Cricket Club

2008-09          Subiaco Marist Cricket Club

2009-10          Bentley Cricket Club

2010-11          High Wycombe Cricket Club





2015-16          South Perth Cricket Club

2016-17          Swanbourne Cricket Club