| West Australian Suburban Turf Cricket Assoc.

Executive Officer

Phil Gregson

0457 086 803


Grounds Committee

Frank Scardifield

0412 908 945


Umpires Advisor

Terry Carter

0411 442 633


Role of the Match Day Referee

The Match Day Referee can be contacted, by phone, on match days only, to resolve disputes arising where there are no official Association Umpire/s appointed and where the two captains cannot agree to make a decision.

The Match Day Referee can also be contacted in matches with an official umpire when the captain does agree with the interpretation the umpire has made with regard to a by-law rather than getting into a dispute with the umpire. The match day referee will not over turn a decision already made however can provide guidance when required.

The Match Day Referee can receive a number of calls on match days. If a person cannot get through to the Match Day Referee please try the alternative numbers listed.