| West Australian Suburban Turf Cricket Assoc.

Association Captains

For many years the WASTCA has participated in representative games for many years. In recent times it has competed for the Cricket West Cup against the other major associations in the Perth Metro area. These associations are: Swan Helena, Perth Cricket Association, Wanneroo Districts & South Metropolitan Cricket Association.

The following representative players have captained Association sides:

1984/85 T Eaton S King
1985/86 [George Young] K Tompsett
1986/87 [George Young] A Mills
1987/88 J Lindsay S Perozzi
1988/89 J Lindsay G Spoors
1989/90 J Lindsay
Steve Shearing (2nd XI)
T Ward P Power
1990/91 Tony Weston
Steve Shearing (2nd XI)
T Ward P Power
1991/92 Tony Weston C Ward P Power
1992/93 C Kirkby D Mitchell B Bythell
1993/94 C Kirkby M Head S Middleton
1994/95 J Santostefano S Properjohn G Diver
1995/96 S Jones S Properjohn G Diver
1996/97 M Head E Schuller G Allen
1997/98 Peter Moldrich S Paap G Allen
1998/99 M Martell S Paap Tony Weston
1999/00 V Clarke S O'Shea Tony Weston
2000/01 M Martell S O'Shea Bob Bythell
2001/02 M Martell S OShea Bob Bythell
2002/03 P Gardiner S Russell Bob Bythell
2003/04 S Maloney S Russell Bob Bythell
2004/05 S Maloney Julian Lane Mark Frith
2006/06 Wade Spilcker Julian Lane Mark Frith
2006/07 Wade Spilcker Chris Prescott Mark Frith
2007/08 Chris Stone Mark Lucas Mark Frith
2008/09 Chris Stone S Gaynor Mark Frith
2009/10 Chris Stone B Sandhu Steve Shearing
2010/11 Chris Pivac F Doak-Smith Steve Shearing
2011/12 Chris Stone K Davies Geoff Smith
2013/14 Chris Prescott Craig Smith
2014/15 Jordan Mast Boo Matthews Steven Teague
2015/16 Jamie Scardifield Jacob Reed Steven Teague
2016/17 Jamie Scardifield Conor Moldrich Steven Teague
2017/18Suresh Perera
Alex Smith
Tim Overton