Board of Directors | West Australian Suburban Turf Cricket Assoc.

Board of Directors

Brad Pearce

Affiliated Club: Swan Athletic - Caversham
Director Since: 2017-18
Sub Committees: Executive (Chair), WASTCA Representative Teams (Chair), Marketing & Communication, Grounds





Frank Scardifield
Deputy Chairman

Affiliated Club: High Wycombe
Director Since: 2017-18
Sub-Committees: Grounds (Chair), Rules & Competition, Executive



  Ralph Sunley

  Affiliated Club: Murdoch University-Melville
  Director Since: 2018-19 
  Sub-Committees:  Protests & Disputes (Chair), Finance, Rules & Competition






  Mike Settineri

  Affiliated Club: South Perth
  Director Since: 2018-10=9
  Sub Committees: Marketing & Communication, Rules & Competition, WASTCA Representative Teams




Wayne Barron

Affiliated Club: Balcatta
Director Since: 2017-18 
Sub-Committees: Protests & Disputes, Grounds, Rules & Competition